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Miami Dolphins fans packed FedEx Field on Sunday, filling Washington’s house with so much teal and orange that owner Stephen Ross took note.

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“It was unbelievable,” Ross said in the Dolphins’ locker room following the game. “Wasn’t it amazing? I mean, you felt it was almost a home game. At least on our side of the ball, it was great seeing all the green there. We’ve got another away game next week. So we’ve got some challenges.”

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Ryan Tannehill joined the owner’s sentiment.

“It’s awesome,” Tannehill said. “You know, I always enjoy playing on the road and when you have the kind of fan base that we did out there today, it makes it even more enjoyable. I feel like our fans always travel well wherever we go in the NFL. I feel like we have a good number of fans. But that had to be probably the best road showing that I’ve seen from our fans. They made an impact on the game. They were getting the Dolphins chant going throughout the game and making noise when we were on defense. And when you can do that in an away stadium, it’s huge.”

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