“I’m really happy for Tom Brady and the NFLPA,” Sun Sentinel Dolphins writer Omar Kelly said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “It was a clear-cut victory for the player’s association, a clear-cut victory that sort of snapped Goodell, whacked Goodell, at the knees. He’s no longer a God, Goodell. And it’s a victory for those who oppose the Ted Wells report. I do because I saw what it did to Richie Incognito — now Richie did a lot of stuff to himself. But I did see what it did to Richie Incognito. It painted him as a villain. It painted him as a bully. He was a bully but he was also Jonathan Martin’s closest friend on the team and the only person that would actually make Jonathan Martin leave his house because he was depressed for the two years that he was in Miami and he was trying for him the best way Richie knew how. And the Ted Wells report did not paint that accurately, at all.”

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