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HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) — The disturbing video taped beating of a teen aged girl, by two other girls, took center stage in court on Wednesday.

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In the video, the victim pleads for them to stop.

“Please leave me alone,” you hear her cry as two girls hit and kick her and drag her around by her hair.

Also, there were the boyfriends of the girls throwing the punches and Jayvon Woolfork. Prosecutors said the whole reason for the beating was to get the victim to have sex with Woolfork.

“Take your clothes off,” you could hear on the video as the beating continued.

Prosecutors said the beating when on for hours, finally ending with the victim being forced to have sex with Woolfork.

Patricia Montes is one of the girls involved in the beating. She took a plea deal along with everyone but Woolfork. She took the stand.
“Did she, at any point, willingly say, ‘yes. I want to have sex with him,'” asked prosecutor Maria Schneider. “No,” Montes said.

She was called to the stand by Woolfork’s attorney but the prosecution got strong testimony from her.

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“You know she had sex with him (Woolfork),” asked Schneider.

“I was told when they came out of the room that it was done,” said Montes.

“Ok,” said Schneider,”he told you he had sex with her,” she asked pointing to Woolfork.

“Yes,” testified Montes.

Woolfork’s attorney tried to convince the jury that no one actually saw the two have sex.

“While there was encouragement for her to have sex,” said Woolfork’s attorney Barry Butin, “You still, to this day, can not say that sex occurred?”

“I haven’t seen it myself,” said Montes. “I was told they did.”

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The trial resume’s Tuesday. The three other teens who took plea deals are expected to testify. Woolfork is still deciding whether he will take the stand.

Ted Scouten