Are Pat Riley and the Miami Heat serious about making a play at Kevin Durant next summer?

“Could they make a move for [Kevin] Durant? Sure,” the Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman said on the Alex Donno Show. “Is Pat Riley plotting in that direction? Absolutely. But I think it will take a certain degree of tearing up the roster also and that’s why I think for a team that has traded away all of its first-round picks basically beyond 2021 and has limited resources, that Hassan Whiteside also could be a trade chip. That if the NBA does go to small ball and if the Heat can be comfortable with Bosh and McRoberts, which I really want to see in the preseason, then there’s a chance instead of waiting to pay Hassan Whiteside I could see if the Heat make a move like that and sort of cut their ties there to Whiteside at the trading deadline that will be an absolute signal that Pat Riley’s going all-in for Kevin Durant.”

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