There’s been quite the noise over a Pro Football Focus column ranking Ryan Tannehill ahead of Andrew Luck for the upcoming season.

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Many media members use the subscription service for their innovative statistics and player grades for every game, but one Dolphins writer is no longer a fan.

“They’re a load of crap and what they do is a load of crap,” the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “While there are some things that you can tangibly take from it and say these are real numbers — the run-after-the-catch yards, yards after contact, how many drops — there are things that they track that are tangible but their rankings are garbage and they’ve always been garbage. Executives have pointed out to me, just destroying… NFL executives have destroyed them which is why all NFL executives now — because the media is digging them up and using them as credible, so all NFL teams are saying ‘wait a minute those analytics are wrong, we need to create our own analytics department to counter this false, inaccurate information that’s being put out there. And literally, because agents are using Pro Football Focus for negotiations, and all these league executives and teams are saying hold up, hold up, hold up, their analytics are garbage. How are you sitting here quoting them as the gospel. You know what, let’s build our own analytics department. And 32 teams now have analytics departments for that exact reason. Pro Football Focus does not do a good job of evaluating players.”

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Kelly went on to describe one of the examples he got from an executive on why PFF grades can be lackluster, saying their grades are deceiving because they don’t factor in the level of competition players are going against. How it’s different for a guard going against Ndamukong Suh than A.J. Francis, for example.

One thing Omar failed to point out is there were reportedly 13 NFL teams who contracted Pro Football Focus last season, according to an article from last January on The MMQB.

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