“If it doesn’t work out with Dallas Thomas or Jamil Douglas or Billy Turner, then the Miami Dolphins’ front office is gonna get second-guessed,” Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez said on the Joe Rose Show, “but you have to have some faith in these guys. This has been a pretty good offseason. They’ve done a good job in so many different ways there. I mean let’s cut them some slack. They just simply didn’t want to pay $4 million in one year to get this guy in the fold. That was it and I can understand. And this was also too cleaning up some of the mess that was left behind. There’s about $20 million in dead money on the Dolphins’ cap and maybe more than that.

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“Let’s just remember this too: Joe, this doesn’t mean there isn’t the possibility of a trade, a low-level trade maybe, but a trade. It isn’t like this is the last guard who is ever gonna be available in the National Football League this year. I mean the Dolphins can make a move.”

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