“I actually think that this team is gonna miss Mike Wallace,” the Sun Sentinel’s Chris Perkins said on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz. “Listen, what did this guy give you? The last two years he gave you like 130 receptions, 1500 yards, 16 touchdowns. Do you think anybody on this roster is gonna replace that in two years? I don’t know that DeVante Parker or Jarvis Landry will put those numbers together in a two-year span.

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“He was incredibly productive, that’s all I’m saying that, yes, Mike Wallace was a headache and in the end he had to go. I wish the Dolphins had tried to make it work because I believe in accumulate the talent and settle the behavior later. But in the end he did have to go, I agree with you there. He was a headache. I’m just saying that the guy was incredibly productive and I don’t know that your one-two punch in receivers this year is gonna be better than what you had last year with Mike Wallace and the rookie Jarvis Landry. I don’t know if second-year Jarvis Landry and rookie DeVante Parker are gonna be a better one-two punch than you had last year.”

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