Donald Trump was somehow on the menu of questions for Ira Winderman, as the Sun Sentinel Miami Heat reporter joined the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz on Friday.

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It all started when Winderman touched on a story of a Heat season ticket holder once telling him he had someone he wanted to meet.

“So he goes ‘Ira, it’s Donald Trump’ and I’m like yeah whatever and I gave him that sort of soft flounder handshake where you just shake someone’s hand and move on,” Winderman said. “And it dawned on me last night I might’ve bypassed the chance to shake hands with the future president of the United States.”

Here are some more highlights of Trump chatter.

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Hoch: “I was watching last night. You know what I was thinking last night? That Donald Trump is a lot like Jeffrey Loria. Donald Trump is incapable of shame. He is incapable of apology and he’s incapable of ever believing that something he said or done is wrong and Jeffrey Loria, that’s his character traits, right?”

Winderman: “… This thing scares the bejeebers out of me that there can be any percentage of people here, who someone is running on no substance and just a bunch of bluster and blather. It just gets to me that that’s actually a story and when I watched that last night, on one hand I thought it was very funny and I think Hoch you would agree. I know everyone tweeted this, it wasn’t just me — that was a Saturday Night Live skit, right?”

Hoch: “… You know I’m fairly liberal but I was into a little bit of what Trump was saying. I like somebody that doesn’t feel the need to be political correct and doesn’t need to play the political game all the time.”

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