Stephen Ross took a slight jab at the Miami Heat last week on the opening day of Miami Dolphins Training Camp.

“If you just look at our sales and how the fans are responding to that and the excitement,” Ross said, “I think the Heat is a different organization now that LeBron James isn’t there. I think the Dolphins are a team that’s kind of capturing the imagination over the whole entire fan base here in South Florida.”

The Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman joined the Big O Show to discuss Ross’ comments.

“When I look at the Dolphins and I see Stephen Ross saying something like that, you know what, the NFL is full of old school owners,” Winderman said. “I think there’s just this old school NFL of taking it for granted … And the landscape, as we know, so changes year to year, and to have that kind of thinking, ‘Well, LeBron’s gone, so the Heat are gone’ — no, the world’s changed. It’s not flat anymore. The NFL is not the only show in town. It’s not the only relevant charismatic athletes anymore. I was really surprised to see what he said something like that.

“I think that the difference between having an owner who lives in town, of which we don’t have as many, as opposed to an owner who is somewhere else most of the time … I don’t really recall Micky Arison ever calling out or challenging the other teams.”

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