“Evan Mathis could help out,” the Sun Sentinel’s Chris Perkins said on the Big O Show. “Possibly money is a problem. You are a draft-and-develop team, and you’ve spent a third-round pick on a guard and a fourth-round pick this year on a guard. So, you drafted them. At some point you have to develop them. I think that’s really the kind of situation. They’re caught. ‘Are we actually going to develop these guys, or do we go out and get Evan Mathis and maybe rent him and slow the process of developing one of these guards?’

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“It’s up to Tannehill. He’s got to know where his hot routes are and if he gets in trouble how to move around. That pocket presence. Deliver the ball with different angles. He’s going to get pressured. That’s the way it looks now. It’s almost inevitable … I’m not counting on Evan Mathis coming in. So to me a lot of it is on Tannehill. You got the big contract. People are expecting you to take this team to the playoffs. Tannehill has got to figure it out. I keep saying he’s got to find a way to make the guys around him better.”

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