HBO’s Ballers is intriguing not because it’s some transcendent show — it’s certainly not among HBO’s gems — but because of the fact real NFL logos are used, most notably that of the Miami Dolphins.

In the show starring former Hurricane Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, there’s been a variety of wild off-the-field issues that have to make the NFL a little uncomfortable — a nightclub brawl, the use of hard drugs, and sex with a teammate’s mother, to name a few.

Owner Stephen Ross has been mentioned by name and even Doctor’s Hospital, a Dolphins sponsor, is clad on their practice jerseys, as was the case in reality last season.

With the team opening Training Camp in Davie yesterday, what does Ross and his players think of the show featuring NFL players and the Miami Dolphins’ brand?

Stephen Ross: “I mean I saw one episode. I wasn’t overwhelmed by it, to say the least. We’ve heard nothing. I mean what’s really crazy is how they’re trying to glamorize  or make something about football that is not really real life. You haven’t heard much about it from the fans. You haven’t seen much. I don’t think the show is going too far.

“I know my name is used. I’ve only seen the first show where they thank Mr. Ross for signing the [deal].”

What about the show using the team’s logos and likeness? “We’re having conversations. It’s noted, let’s put it that way.”

Mike Pouncey: “I like it man, it’s a good show. I’m gonna try to be on it next season.”

Is it accurate? “I don’t know, a little bit.”

Chris McCain [only has seen first episode]: “The first one was pretty cool. Those type of shows, it was kind of cool. Not what happened but you know the season’s opening episode is somebody getting killed in that car wreck, and dealing with those types of things with girls and stuff, that’s kind of true. That flashy life, fancy life, and all that type of stuff. Then the dude gets into a fight in the club and he gets sued or whatnot.

“The first episode that I’ve seen is actually pretty accurate. You’ve got those type of people out there who are trying to provoke you and make you do some things so they can get some money off of you or you’ve got girls who just want to be around you because you’ve got money and they start throwing you off your tracks. So you just have to be focused.”

Jarvis Landry: “For me, I just haven’t really watched any episodes yet. I was trying to let it go and catch up… I’m kind of behind, I didn’t start yet so I don’t know too much about it.”

So the players seem to like it, Pouncey wants to be in it, and Boss Ross appears to be keeping an eye on something that could potentially affect the perception of his brand.

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