From the perspective of a prestigious national college football mind, what’s the pulse of the state of the Miami Hurricanes’ football team?

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“I’m a proponent of where that coaching staff has the program,” Fox Sports’ Tim Brando said on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz at Big 12 Media Days. “I think given the devastation you went through — and I know it’s hard in your neighborhood to get over what happened… People cannot comprehend — and i think this is more true in miami than outside miami — what that program went through. I mean the shrapnel left from that entire situation was horrible and what the NCAA did to prolong it only made it that much worse so I think that Kaaya is a big-time talent. You just need greater depth and numbers. Listen, on that side of the ACC where Miami is competing, I think the opportunity to go from six wins to nine is conceivable but you can’t go back to Vinny and the Jets in one year and I think thats what Miami fans want. Pro town. Big time. We want lights, bells, whistles — we want that, we want it immediately and it’s never gonna be that way. You cannot expect that in this day and time but I think they’re in the right conference to make noise, and the right division within the conference to make noise.

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“Listen, I like Al a lot. I think a lot of times what has happened with Al is because of his enthusiasm and his true energy, which he exhibited before he got to Miami because you had to sell. When he was coaching where he was coaching before he got to Miami, you had to sell. You had to sell it and you had to sell it hard. And I think in Miami, the fan base reacts differently to a hard salesman and so i think he has to be careful to not repeat himself, not say the same things at the same time because of the long memories of fans in places like Coral Gables.”

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