How is a team coming off a 6-7 dumpster fire of a season possess a 2016 recruiting class that’s ranked seventh in the nation?

“Most every kid [in the area] is already committed to Miami,” Luther Campbell said in an interview with CBS Sports. “They don’t give a damn about no coach. They’re committed to the university.

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“They [the Hurricanes] get mad, but then they know I’m talking the truth.”

Also in this piece, titled “Still ‘The U?’ Miami Hurricanes need to get their swagger back,” is Campbell’s explanation — over waffles — for why Miami’s “infamous swagger” has worn off:

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“You ever see a beautiful club, they get closed down?” Campbell asked, contemplating over his waffles. “The lights are off. All you have to do is go in and turn on the lights. It’s a turn-key operation. It’s simple as shit.”

Well, then…

Besides those bizarre takes, we also learned coach Al Golden has his car “set to Sirius Sinatra.”

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Not sure if that’s Uncle Luke approved.