Omar Kelly, a Miami Dolphins reporter for the Sun Sentinel, created quite the crapstorm on Twitter Sunday evening after taking a swipe at the legendary hall-of-fame career of quarterback Dan Marino.

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“People always make excuses for Dan Marino not winning a title,” Kelly tweeted. “Hogwash. He wasn’t good enough. How many Super Bowls did he get to?”

WQAM’s Joe Rose (on weekdays 6-10 AM), who played with Marino and caught his first touchdown pass, called Omar’s tweet “a stupid ass tweet.”

“I just want to say this — Omar, it’s one of the dumbest tweets I’ve ever seen you send out,” Rose said. “Seriously. And anyone that gets on you, you deserve it. And I like Omar but this is a dumb one. This Dan Marino not winning a title hogwash he wasn’t good enough, you make it sound — and maybe you don’t know, he was clutch, he was accurate. And yeah I get he only went to one Super Bowl — Super Bowl 19 — and you can fall back on that, but it’s really a weak tweet though when you just go back to a Super Bowl when you talk about this guy throwing the football.”

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“And I got to see it up close and part of some of the unbelievable two-minute drills to come back and beat people and things that he did on the road with the fake spike,” Rose said. “The thing Aaron Rodgers did to us, he did to the Jets on the road and stuff like that happened all the time…”

“A guy that could make all the throws,” Rose said, “was accurate, was clutch, by the way had a pair of basketballs on him like you’ve never seen. I’ve never had a guy ever, to this day, still the most aggressive — 4th and 3, perfect time in the huddle to go over the top… It’s just like this is still coming up, man? Here we are getting ready for another year of Tannehill and he brings out some tweet taking a shot at Marino’s career. You’re better than that, Omar. You’re better than that! You’ve got to be better than that!”

Pretty jarring comments considering not only is Marino among the most feared, dynamic passers to grace the gridiron (and has the numbers to prove it) but the game is played in three phases with 11 men at a time. Quarterbacks surely impact the game more than any other position, especially now, but to measure greatness by Super Bowl appearances and wins is simplistic and irrational.

Judging by the reaction to Kelly’s tweets, it’s not only the big dog who despises this Marino slander, but the rest of South Florida as well.

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