Randal “Thrill” Hill holds quite the diverse resume for a retired football legend.

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After the electric wideout departed the University of Miami as a national champion, he played professionally and then became a federal agent for the Department of Homeland Security.

Now he’s running for congress for Florida’s District 24.

“[The interest has] always been there but we kind of kept in a box only to really talk about sports,” Hill said of his interest in politics on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz. “People who’ve known me know that I’ve tried to be politically astute and I I’ve set forth goals in my life. For example, I’ve always wanted to play professional sports. Done. I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. Done. I’ve always wanted to be a federal agent, kind of like Jason Bourne. Done. And now I want to go to the last chapter of my life and go into politics.

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“When you have guys who are hyperactive, in tune with the community and want to give back to the community, it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen. And it’s gonna happen now because I’m gonna win.”

Hill will run against Rep. Frederica Wilson.

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