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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The so-called ‘Facebook killer,’ after several outbursts in court Wednesday, ended up being forced to leave.

Derek Medina is preparing to stand trial, accused of murdering his wife and posting a picture of her body and a confession on Facebook.

During a status hearing Wednesday, Medina, who has grown his hair long and had a very long beard, tried to speak directly to Judge Yvonne Colodny several times.

“One second your honor I have something to address…We have video evidence. We have video evidence…” said Medina.

The judge cut him off.

“Mr. Medina..Mr. Medina, I will have you excused from court if you speak out of turn sir. Please be quiet.”

Medina is preparing to stand trial for murder, after the shooting death of his wife Jennifer Alfonso. Shortly after the shooting in their South Miami home, while Alfonso’s 10-year-old daughter was upstairs, Medina posted a photo of Alfonso’s body on Facebook and a confession that he killed Alfonso. He said she was abusing him.

He appeared to stand by that story Wednesday in court…and was desperate to tell the judge about it, despite the judge and his attorney trying to quiet him.

“Counsel, go talk to Mr. Medina. Mr. Medina it’s not that I don’t care what you have to say sir, but anything you say is being taken down by a court reporter and can be used against you,” said Judge Colodny.

Medina responded, “Understood your honor but if it’s being recorded you need to hear this.”

The Judge cut him off again, “Sir, I think you need to speak to your attorney first, please take a seat.”

Surveillance video from the home appears to show, off camera, a struggle between Medina and Alfonso. That may be the video Medina was adamant that the judge hear about. He ultimately got his way during the hearing.

“It’s not premature, it’s video evidence of Jennifer Alfonso attempting to murder me…we have slow motion of her attempting to murder me your honor.”

Medina was promptly booted from the courtroom.

Despite Medina’s outbursts in court, the judge set a date for his trial, October 12th. More than 2 years after Alfonso’s death.


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