The Miami Hurricanes shelved Nike for Adidas last January, swapping out the swoosh for a 12-year deal expected to be more lucrative and in the range of $90 million.

Although the new unis aren’t officially expected to be unveiled until next month, images leaked yesterday on CanesInsight that a Palm Beach Post source claims “is the real thing … but they are not quite the real thing,” saying the leak is “legit, but it’s an older version.”

That image is below but it’s a bit blurry, displaying six simple and clean uniform options with what appears to be “Hurricanes” clad on the chest above the number.

via CanesInsight

Plain? Definitely. But sometimes that can be a good thing in today’s age of bizarre color combinations like the uniforms worn at Maryland and Oregon.

Those black-on-black alternates with the orange number look pretty sweet. I guess we’ll have to wait for the real thing in a few weeks.

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