Dwyane Wade’s father has been causing quite a stir after being spotted in a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt.

This coming while reports of mutual interest between Wade and the Lakers also surfaced over the weekend.

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Dwyane Sr. was seen wearing the Cavs garb at a Miami church. Yet during an appearance on “The Hot Corner,” an Internet radio show, he shared some words Heat fans will probably see as a positive.

Host: We have a question from David in Miami. He wants us to ask you, “Is D-Wade going to stay with Miami next year?”

Dwyane Sr.: You know I’ve heard that maybe two-to-three hundred times. And the best answer I can probably give to that is, you guys have had D-Wade ever since he came in the league, let’s just pray with God that he stays here the rest of the way.

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Wade is expected to opt out of his contract later this month and become an unrestricted free agent, though it’s possible the Heat and Wade could come to a contract agreement at any point before or after that point.

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