Nobody should blame LeBron James for the Cleveland Cavaliers losing the NBA Finals. The superstar carried his team as far as he could.

“I don’t think [LeBron] could have done anything more,” said NBA writer Michael Wallace on the Big O Show. “By the time they got to The Finals, I already chalked it up as a [loss] for Cleveland so I’m almost on the other side. I give LeBron credit for getting those guys that far. This really should have been a sweep if you think about it.”

Wallace goes on to say that since James did lead the Cavs to within two wins of an NBA championship, it justifies his reasons for leaving the Miami Heat.

“[James] was in a win-win situation. No, he wasn’t going to win The Finals, but he wasn’t going to get blamed for losing it. And he also was in a situation where getting them this far sort of justified his reasons for going back to Cleveland for some people. Miami people might not buy into that.”

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