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HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami ) — A Hollywood man who says he was the victim of police brutality  says he believes the officers who beat him should not remain on duty.

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Noel Carter was born and raised in South Florida and works as a banker. He traveled to Orlando last week to meet up with his girlfriend but a public disagreement between the couple led to Carter’s arrest and beating and has the Orlando Police answering questions of excessive force by two officers.

Several cameras rolled and captured the encounter. Carter says it’s difficult to watch the video, in which he says two Orlando Police officers repeatedly kicked, hit and even tased him while he sits on a street.

“I get anxiety just talking about this stuff,” Carter said.

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Carter says he was out at a club last Thursday with his girlfriend of two years when they had an argument. He said officers responded and he says they escalated the situation. Carter says he saw the woman crying so he wanted to speak with her but the officer told him, “You’re not talking to her.” Then, he said, “I put my hands up and he shoves me.”

Carter says the officers pepper sprayed him at the club and beat him so he took off running outside, eventually sitting down on a bur and “submitting” himself to an arrest. He says the surveillance video shows what happened next.

“(The officers) kicked me in the head and the last thing I remember is getting tasered and laying back,” Carter said. The video shows the officers combining to repeatedly kick and beat Carter, while he was on the ground.

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“They were really out for blood,” Carter said.

Carter’s lawyer, Pat Lawlor, says he believes the officers concocted a story in their police reports once they learned there was video showing the encounter with Carter. He said he’s filed an excessive force complaint with prosecutors…

“We want them charged,” Lawlor told CBS 4 News. “Their intent was to brutalize and it started with each of them kicking him in the head.”

Orlando Police Chief John Mina is backing his officers. He said he is reserving judgment on his officers until all the facts are in.

“Based on what I know now I have no reason to take them off the streets based on the totality of the circumstances,” Mina said.

Orlando Police say their officers were investigating a potential domestic violence situation. But Carter disputes that and says he and the woman had a disagreement. As for the video, he says he’s grateful people recorded it and says his physical and emotional scars are only just beginning to heal.

“It’s painful,” he said. “It’s really been a traumatic experience that I don’t want to ever think about again.”

Carter does face criminal charges and he believes the officers involved should not be on the streets working after what happened to him. Carter says that in the statement the woman gave to police she said he “did not cooperate but it was because of intoxication.” The report also says the woman was arguing with him “to leave me alone and he didn’t listen.” But Carter and Lawlor says her statement does not mention anything about her being hurt or injured or alleging any type of domestic abuse.

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We’re told that Orlando Police are asking the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to step in and investigate all this.