It seems no matter what the Miami Dolphins do — whether it’s signing Ndamukong Suh or snagging what looks like an impact player in the draft in DeVante Parker — they cannot escape Vegas’ annual projection of bitter mediocrity.

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Via CBS Sports, we learned the 2015 NFL Over/under win totals trickled out this week (courtesy of sportsbook.ag) and the Dolphins were listed at 8.5 wins because of course they were. They gave better odds on the over (-150) than the under (+120), but it seems this franchise can’t run from their destiny of 8-8ness, coming off back-to-back 8-8 seasons.

Miami Dolphins Over/Under Since 2009

(Actual wins in parenthesis)

2015: 8.5 (?)

2014: 8 (8)

2013: 8 (8)

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2012: 7.5 (7)

2011: 7.5 (6)

2010: 8 (7)

2009: 7 (7)

They’ve been eerily accurate. The expected wins, according to the O/U, was 46 and the actual was 43.

Just three wins off over SEVEN seasons with the Dolphins underperforming slightly. Vegas nailed it in 2013 and 2014, and came within a half game in 2012.

Will 2015 be the year the Dolphins finally disrupt the cycle and break through Vegas’ stronghold of mediocrity.

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