For MLS to work in Miami — besides leaping some hurdles like getting approval for a stadium site — Fox Sports’ Warren Barton thinks it’s going to take two things — a downtown stadium and “a lot of superstars.”

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“The stadium for me has to be downtown, you can’t have it anywhere else,” Barton said on the Big O Show. “With David it’s gonna take a lot of money, and a lot of superstars.

“David Beckham has never done anything with half measures, it’s always been all about all-in.

Having the right players will be key and Barton named Ronaldo as someone who could make sense. He’s 30 and the team probably wouldn’t begin play for a few years.

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Not that MLS in Miami wouldn’t have its challenges.

“You’re up against the NFL and you can’t fight that,” Barton said. “You have to try and accept it. In the rest of the world soccer is the number one sport. They’re not worried about any other sport. Baseball as we know has its own market, maybe an older market. Younger people want a new, fresh game and I think soccer gives them that.”

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