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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s the stuff seen in Hollywood movies—iris scans and fingerprints to access secure areas—and is about to become a reality at Miami International Airport, for those who want to pay the price.

The program, called CLEAR, is in 12 airports in the United States and is expanding. Charmaine Taylor with CLEAR said she believes this is the future of travel.

“Who doesn’t want to bypass those long security lines and use some cool technology at the same time,” Taylor said.

Once registered, travelers can skip the TSA line with an iris or a fingerprint scan.

Greg Chin with MIA believes it’s all about convenience.

“I think you look at it like parking. You have valet parking. You have self-service parking.  People, our customers, who like valet parking and they like that kind of service.  And that’s what you are getting here. You’re getting premium level front of the line service,” Chin said.

CLEAR, which has been vetted by the TSA, is guaranteeing the process is so fast that you’ll be through security in five minutes or less.

Several travelers at MIA, like Iva Charles, loved the idea. “That’s a great deal!” she said.

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The new program will allow travelers at MIA to have three options : the free lanes, which TSA estimates takes 20-25 minutes, the TSA pre-check lanes, which averages about five minutes. Travelers also get to keep your jacket, shoes and belt on too. But travelers will pay $85 for the convenience for five years. And finally, the new CLEAR lanes which costs $179 a year.

Some passengers may feel like CLEAR is just another gimmick to pay more for a flight, however CLEAR contends this is the opposite. In fact, their membership will help you skip lines outside the airport.

“I don’t think what CLEAR is trying to offer is a nickel and dime type of service. We are trying to bring more benefits, more value to that one membership. It’s almost the reverse. We started out in airports. We are expanding into stadiums, ballparks, other venues at no additional cost.”

Still, would you pay $179 a year for the convenience? Travelers were split on the concept.

Jackie Burns said that if she traveled a lot she definitely would pay. Alexandra Joseph said she thought the service wasn’t for sure because she is not a frequent flier. Diane Hess, who already pays for pre-check, said she might enroll in CLEAR. “I think it might be worth it.”

CLEAR officially launches Wednesday at MIA. CLEAR is offering a free two-month trial. Enter the code, MIA2MTRY at checkout.

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  1. Lis Perez says:

    What happened to security check. Does paying for CLEAR automatically clears you for security check? A little scary if it does.