Just how terrorizing is Giancarlo Stanton’s bat?

Well MLB Insider Seth Everett called the Marlins’ super slugger “the most feared hitter” since Barry Bonds on the Kup and Crowder Show on 560 WQAM on Thursday.

“I think anybody who didn’t vote for Giancarlo Stanton for the MVP last year simply didn’t see him,” Everett said. “And the evidence I have that I recently learned — of his final 18 starts, Clayton Kershaw had six of them added late as national-television broadcasts. In that time Giancarlo Stanton didn’t have one. And I think this had to do with the country not seeing him. And when you see him you know he was the MVP. He is without a doubt the most feared hitter in the sport since Barry Bonds.

Stanton’s eight home runs are tied for 11th in MLB this season and he leads the league in RBIs with 33. Everett stressed he may not be the best player or the best hitter, but he is certainly the most feared.

“He is the first hitter that I have firsthand seen that has changed hitter’s approaches to such an extent where they abandon what normally works for a starting pitcher,” Everett said. “That has not happened.”

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