This isn’t particularly newsy, being that it was initially reported almost four years ago, but here’s a fun Ndamukong Suh nugget that is worth revisiting since his addition to the Miami Dolphins — he can lift cars.

When newly signed Dolphins cornerback Zack Bowman was with the Bears in 2011, he spoke of a time when his young but titanic college teammate at Nebraska showed off some Hulk-like strength. Via NFL.com:

“Suh literally picks up a car from the front and just lifts up the whole thing,” Bowman said. “I’m like, ‘Get out of here.’ And he just sets it back down. I had never seen that before.”

The most amazing part? This was when the Suh Monster was just a freshman. There’s also video of Bowman talking about it below.

And our friends at Page Q had a little fun on the Photoshop Machine.

Props to @CKParrot for highlighting this ridiculous feat this morning.

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