Bruce Bowen is not a big fan of Shawn Marion and it appears the feeling is reciprocal.

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Bowen, an NBA analyst and former player, was applauding Steve Nash’s career on TV after the two-time MVP and eight-time all-star recently announced his retirement. Shawn Marion, one of Nash’s former teammates on the Suns, apparently was watching when Bowen was hyping up Nash for making those around him better — Marion, included.

Then the two engaged in some moderately entertaining Twitter beef.


Bowen joined the Joe Rose Show Wednesday morning to talk some Heat basketball but also discuss the aforementioned situation and pound Marion like a punching bag.

“I got into it with Shawn Marion because of something that I said via TV and I said Steve Nash made guys better — I mean we all know that,” Bowen said on WQAM. “Now we talk about who makes a guy better. Steve Nash was able to make guys better. Shawn Marion, a guy that couldn’t create his own shot — he was a three-time all-star with Steve Nash.

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“But in the midst of me congratulating Steve Nash, Shawn Marion wants to bring it to his attention that he was an all-star before Steve Nash got there. I was like come on, man. You just showed the world how selfish and how sensitive you are when it comes to things like that. You don’t do something like that. This man is being congratulated for all his accolades and things of that nature but Shawn wants to talk about how he was an all-star before Steve Nash — nobody knew that! Nobody knew he was an all-star before.

“I just can’t stand it when guys take all the good things Steve Nash has done. He took that all away because he wants to bring the attention on himself or maybe it’s because he announced his retirement and everyone was like ‘alright, ok.'”

Apparently this wasn’t the first time Shawn pumped his chest at the cost of a legendary teammate.

“Steve is a first-ballot hall of famer as far as I’m concerned and Dirk Nowitzki as well,” Bowen said. “Now I bring up Dirk because when Shawn was in Dallas, he said ‘man I’m the best player to ever put on a Mavs jersey.’ Are you kidding me? There’s a guy over there that wears number 41, uh his name is Dirk Nowitzki. You’re gonna say you’re better than Dirk Nowitzki? I don’t think so.”

Marion’s likability is off the charts.

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