Michael Beasley, the most interesting man in the world Association, joined the Kup and Crowder Show on WQAM yesterday to entertain South Florida to the fullest on a variety of topics that included smelly NBA players and smoking jackets but also shared a compelling case for why he makes a good mentor to teammate Hassan Whiteside.

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When the Heat’s talented but sometimes immature center mentioned Beasley among the players mentoring him after getting ejected from two games in a one-week span, many were baffled. Beas hasn’t exactly had a glowing reputation in NBA circles but his reasoning makes a ton of tense.

“It’s funny because everybody looks at me or not even me, looks at a troublemaker, and really wouldn’t want him to hinder the success of anyone else,” Beasley said. “Then they look at a Dwyane Wade and then a LeBron James, well, that’s the perfect guy to listen to. Well not always. Sometimes you want to listen to the guy that’s been through some things, the guy that fell off the mountain and climbed back and really that’s what Hassan needed. That’s what I needed. That’s what I had in UD my first couple years, somebody that didn’t have the high road to take his whole career.”

Meanwhile, Miami’s unequivocal leader in Dwyane Wade has had an unbelievable March, averaging 26.9 points and 5.1 assists while shooting a super efficient 52 percent from the field. Can Beasley predict when his teammate is about to have a monster night beforehand?

“Honestly I’m getting tired of guessing,” Beasley said. “I think it’s a game to him now. He comes in — ‘oh my back hurts, my back hurts — let me get 40.’

“It’s amazing, man, and for me to see the whole life behind the scenes and the things he has to do to take care of his body just to keep up. I mean that guy is amazing.”

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Asked who the smelliest NBA player is, Beasley declined to embarrass the league’s funkiest but did tell of how certain guys purposely don’t shower the night before a game to make sure “they’re extra smelly.”

Next in this wonderful interview, the hosts wanted to know if Beasley has a smoker’s jacket, the jacket of “real man,” according to Crowder — the “king of the castle’s outfit.”

“Given my situation I’m not going to call it a smoker’s jacket,” Beasley said. “I’m going to call it a DirecTV jacket. Yeah I definitely have a DirecTV jacket.

“Like you said, It’s that man feeling, man. We all pay our own bills, we all take care of our own household, so it’s just a little added touch to feel like a boss.”

Before letting the Heat’s talented scorer go, the conversation shifted toward nicknames. Beasley’s current nickname is “Easy Street” after being dubbed B-Easy and Super Cool Beas in the past, but he’s open to changing it up again if the fans wants to offer up suggestions.

Crowder was pleading for it to have to do with “light skin brothers,” something Beasley doesn’t have any issue with.

“We definitely came back with the help of Drake, with the help of Steph Curry. Obama. Light skin is back in, man.”

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