By Ryan Mayer

If you missed the start of the countdown, head on over here for an explanation of how we put this list together and what rankings we’re using. If you’ve already read part one, and part two let’s continue the countdown once again starting in reverse order.

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10) Devin McCourty FS New England Patriots– The Pats would love to keep McCourty in the fold, but the contract that Darrelle Revis might command could force them to make a choice between the two players in which case McCourty would probably be headed elsewhere. McCourty has been very productive in his career with 17 INT’s and covers a lot of ground playing centerfield for the Patriots on the back end of the defense. He’s also extremely durable, having missed only three games in his career. As a safety, I don’t think the scheme matters nearly as much plus McCourty is athletic and smart enough to adjust to whatever he’s asked to do.  The situation that I think may fit him best would be Tennessee which can offer him something no other team can. The opportunity to play on the same team as his brother Jason who is the Titans top corner. 

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9) Bryan Bulaga RT Green Bay Packers– Bulaga’s best fit would be to stay with the team that drafted him and has developed him in Green Bay.  He was finally healthy last season playing in 15 games and coalescing with the rest of the unit that helped to protect Aaron Rodgers and clear lanes for Eddy Lacy. He could take more money to go elsewhere if there’s a team that sees him as a left tackle where he would command a lot more money.  But, I think Green Bay has really allowed him to grow into his role as a right tackle despite some struggles at times.  Plus it can’t get any better as a lineman than playing in front of one of the best QB’s in the league and blocking for a punishing back like Eddy Lacy. 

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8) Rodney Hudson C Kansas City Chiefs– Hudson is considered the best young center in the league. He’s athletic enough to get out ahead of the screen game and has blocked well enough in passing situations to keep Alex Smith clean. His best fit and the team that needs him the most is the Chiefs. At 25, the Chiefs should do everything in their power to keep him around and he fits well getting out ahead of and leading the way for Jamal Charles in the screen game. 

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7) Byron Maxwell CB Seattle Seahawks– Mawell is one of the most sought after free agents on the market. He’s a big, physical corner that can be put out on an island in man-to-man coverage or take away 1/3 of the field in a Cover 3 which he has done very successfully the past two seasons as a starter for the Seahawks.  Unfortunately for Seattle they can’t pay all the members of the Legion of Boom and Maxwell is most likely headed elsewhere. The Jets can offer a ton of money and so can Philadelphia so it really comes down to what situation intrigues him more.  For his skill set, either one would work.

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6) Julius Thomas TE Denver Broncos– Thomas had some injury issues and wasn’t targeted nearly as much in 2014 as he was in his breakout year in 2013. All of that said, he still caught 12 TD’s, and has caught 24 over the past two seasons.  After reportedly turning down a $40 million dollar offer from the Broncos it looks like money is going to be high on his priority list. He’s 27 so he’s still got plenty of time left in the tank and offers a huge boost to any team’s passing game with his athleticism and ability to run by both safeties and linebackers.  The perfect fit both team and player wise for me would be the Jacksonville Jaguars. First, Jacksonville has the most cap room in the league at around $60 million or so.  Secondly, they need weapons for Blake Bortles to be able to throw to and a young QB always needs a TE as his security blanket to dump the ball down to when all else fails. That would mean a ton of targets for Thomas and he’d get paid pretty well too. 

Check back tomorrow when we’ll go through the final 5 free agents and where they fit best.  

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