It seems like Pat Riley is plucking D-League gems off trees this season.

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First it was Hassan Whiteside, now Miami’s starting center who is quickly becoming a two-way force. Then it was Tyler Johnson, a scrappy guard showing enough potential to get signed through the season. Now it’s Henry Bill Walker, on a 10-day contract, draining two monster threes last night to will the Heat over the Magic in a game the red and black had no business winning.

Walker missed his first nine threes before netting his last two in the final minute, helping the Heat overcome an eight-point deficit with just 36 seconds remaining in regulation to force overtime (Miami’s odds at this point? 0.2%). He also impacted the game on the defensive end and on the glass, finishing with 10 points, six rebounds, and two steals in 33 minutes.

Walker joined Jason Jackson in an emotional conversation moments after the win, exuding gratefulness and humility in the Sun Sports Winner’s Circle. Below is the full transcript, because it was awesome.

Jason Jackson: In all these years we learn that everybody’s NBA journey is a little different. You go from K-State to the League, then you’ve got to go to Venezuela, you’ve got to go to the Philippines, back to the D-League. What does it mean to be here helping this team with those shots tonight as this team tries to maintain its playoff position?

Henry Walker: It means everything, man. I’ve got a strong faith in God, man. I’ve been through a lot. I’m a fighter, I missed a lot of shots but I stayed in there and made it — that’s just God man, faith.”

Jackson: Henry, you missed, as you know, a bunch of threes — I believe your first seven before you knocked down those last two and coach calls your number. Your second game on the floor, your third game with the team, how was that call formulating and what was going through your mind?

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Walker: “Where I come from we don’t have nothing, man. I ain’t got nothing to lose, it’s how I feel. Man, I’m from Huntington, West Virginia, man. It’s days like this — can’t be scared, man. I’m just glad they had faith in me. I’m glad Dwyane through that thing to me, man. I’m glad I could hit it, man.

Jackson: And now not are you just on this team but you’re the first man in back-to-back games he’s calling on as a reserve and there you are hauling down the final rebound to win. How does it feel to be a part of this team and the faith that they have in you right now?

Walker: Well, I can’t even describe it, man. I’ve been through so much, man. Just it’s God, man. Just have a strong faith, man. Just believing I belong here, man. Just trying my best, man, it’s all I can do. Just go out here and try my best. I’m just glad the guys believe in me, man. It’s just a humbling experience, man.

Jackson: It’s making the most of a 10-day opportunity, I know that. Congratulations, Henry.

Walker: Thank you, man.

Jackson: My pleasure, without a doubt. We start our day talking about man, about his opportunities with this ball club. He didn’t talk about it, he showed you.

How did Walker get here? Check out this road:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.24.48 AM

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