Is Goran Dragic the Miami Heat’s final main piece in constructing another championship-caliber roster after the departure of LeBron James last summer? Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix stopped by the Joe Rose Show to analyze the trade that unequivocally upgraded the Heat at the point guard position.

“Dragic, as long as he re-signs there, is a 28-year-old in his prime, third team All NBA point guard, and those guys don’t come around in free agency all that often,” Mannix said on WQAM. “So now Miami not only has a guy that bolsters them in the short term over the next couple years but someone that I think they can really build around for the next four or five years.

“It was easily the best trade of the trade deadline and it puts Miami in a position to contend for years to come.”

As for which teams are most likely to square off in the NBA Finals, Mannix says the Western Conference race is “guesswork” but settled on Golden State, with Cleveland joining them from the East.

Mannix also covers boxing for SI and thinks the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquaio fight on May 2 will reach three million pay-per-view buys “because the mainstream interest in it is so incredible.”

With a $100 price tag on the megafight, and only two fights in the undercard, Mannix thinks the fighters can land close to $200 million in revenue.

“It’s easily the biggest revenue fight in boxing history,” Mannix said. “These numbers as you hear them over the next couple of weeks and months, they’re going to look like Monopoly numbers.”

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