Lesley Visser, a legendary broadcaster and television’s first female NFL analyst, joined Adam Kuperstein and Channing Crowder on WQAM to eviscerate her buddy Charles Barkley and his take on basketball analytics.

“Before we get to that boob Barkley I am not speaking to Channing — he has annoyed me,” Visser said. “Cleveland is one of the greatest cities in America.”

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Crowder: “To do what, Lesley?”

Visser: “Did you miss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?”

Crowder: “I’m black, Lesley.”

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Visser is likely referring to Crowder’s comments a few months ago when he labeled Cleveland the “anus of America.” After squabbling about Cleveland’s worth as a city, a hot topic on WQAM today, conversation shifted to “that boob Barkley” and his interpretation of using analytics in basketball while calling out numbers-driven Rockets GM Daryl Morey.

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“There are people who don’t care what you think,” Visser said. “And I believe Bill Belichick is one of those people. He just doesn’t care what you think of him and I believe Charles Barkley is that. I really believe Barkley does not care if you like him or not and I disagree with him on this analytics. Some part of him is right, it’s not the same analytics like on-base percentage — that really counts in baseball. That really matters. But as a person he’s so teflon.

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“As a person he is endlessly fascinating, really smart and really doesn’t care what you think.”