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DAVIE (CBSMiami) – Dash cam video obtained exclusively by CBS4 shows a quick-thinking Davie police officer stop a wrong-way driver from causing massive damage.

Footage from the January 18th incident shows a van traveling against traffic on I-595 in Broward County.

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Fortunately, off-duty Davie Officer James Krey came along at the right time.

“I saw the traffic ahead of me swerving to get out of the way. At that point, I wasn’t sure what was going on,” said Krey.

Krey activated his lights to try and slow the traffic down behind him, and to get the attention of the wrong-way driver.

The plan worked as 37-year-old German Alfredo Mayorga stopped just 5-feet from Krey’s cruiser.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper backing up the call began to give Mayorga a field sobriety test.

Mayorga was asked to take nine steps, toe-to-toe, on a white line.

However, he was unable to complete task. Why? He told the trooper he’d had six Heineken beers.

Next the trooper demonstrated to Mayorga to stand on one leg for another test.

Mayorga gave it a shot, but couldn’t do it. He could be heard telling the trooper he had had not a six pack, but seven Heinekens.

He was asked to tilt his head back and stand straight for 30 seconds. He couldn’t do that either.

Mayorga was asked for his driver’s license.

The trooper said Mayorga, who is from Honduras, did not have a valid driver license on him and said he has never had one.

And not before long, the trooper was putting the cuffs on Mayorga.

Mayorga was asked to take a breathalyzer.

He could be heard saying in Spanish he didn’t want to take it, but later relented.

Mayorga’s blood alcohol level was reported to be .0195, which more than twice the legal limit.