MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In this edition of Trend Tracker® Tara Gilani’s “Women To Watch,” Gilani tracked down Avril Graham, executive fashion and beauty editor at Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Graham and Gilani found that the two have a lot in common: Scottish roots, a love of all things British, and a lifelong obsession with fashion.

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In addition to being fashion and beauty boss at Bazaar, Graham has her own column inside and lucky Scottish lass, she also covers Red Carpets, the Oscars and the Royals.

Gilani caught up with Graham at Ralph Lauren at Bal Harbour Shops, at a fundraiser for the Chapman Partnership to benefit Miami’s Homeless.

“The idea of getting to work as a fashion editor when I was a little girl was beyond my wildest dreams and I’m still thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a joy,” said Graham.

Graham’s success is credited to hard work.

In her Scottish brogue, she told Gilani, “I launched British Marie Claire, I moved over to America to launch the American version and now that I’m working on Bazaar, for me, that’s the fashion bible.”

Fashion is Graham’s lifelong love.

“Even now after all these years in the business, I still get excited,” she said. “I still have that feeling of, ‘gosh what’s this new season going to bring.’ It never gets old.”

Beauty is 50-perfecnt of Graham’s beat.

“On the runway, we’re looking at whether the eyebrows are dark or heavy whether the lip is neutral or bright red, whatever. Beauty’s a whole part of that component. You get your face wrong or you’re wearing those same old colors that you’ve worn for years then you’re destroying the look of that brand new coat or new shape of heel. It’s all about updating; top to toe. And it’s all part of the package,” she said.

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Watch Trend Tracker® Tara Gilani’s Interview With Avril Graham

Graham has seen it all. Refreshingly and against stereotype, it has not made her snarky or snooty.

“I’m so lucky I’m working with kings and queens and heads of state and celebrities but to be quite honest, what really gets me every single time is that new season, that new look,” said Graham.

Graham was front and center covering The Royal Wedding. A British girl’s dream come true.

Gilani confessed to Graham that she was crying in front of the TV for two days. And Graham had a confession in response, “I was crying in front of the TV because it was Alexander McQueen’s label, no longer with us, the enfant terrible, homage to Scottish roots. I loved covering the Royal Wedding. Called that it would be McQueen and a nice little snippet for you, Trend Tracker, is that I get on Virgin Airways day after the wedding and who am I sitting next to but the CEO of McQueen so it was quite fabulous to be able to get all of the information how it was made, my lips are sealed, sorry!”

Not all editors are aloof. Graham believes it’s important to celebrate accomplishments—no matter the age.

“It doesn’t really matter what age you are when you accomplish your dream. I do think it’s important to celebrate whether you’re 18 or 80 and never lose that.”

Avril Graham, from the heart, answered the Trend Tracker®’s round of questions; She is, “always excited about fashion,” she wishes she, “…was 5’10” and looked like Karlie Kloss,” she will, “never stop being thankful for what I do,” she won’t, “judge what you’re wearing, ever,” she promises, “again, to never judge what you are wearing.”

Gilani asked Graham what trends fashionistas can expect for Spring 2015.

“Head back to the 70s, it’s all about the 70s revisited, silhouettes, Boho chic, and it works for every climate,” she said.

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For more on Avril Graham, follow her (and Harpers Bazaar) on twitter & facebook: @avrilgraham @harperbazaarus’sbazaar