Super Bowl XLIX is approaching and although only the fan bases of the Seahawks and Patriots will be represented, anyone has the ability to make things more interesting by getting in on the action.

Last year, a record $119.4 million was wagered in Nevada casinos on the Super Bowl. The year before? $98.9 million.

Although the majority place bets on the standard game spread (currently New England is favored by one point), prop bets are significantly more fun. There’s typical wagers like game MVP and then there’s some strange ones involving Katy Perry and a whipped cream bikini.

Below is our Top 10, easing into things with MVP to kick it off.

10. MVP odds:

Tom Brady: 2/1
Russell Wilson: 4/1
Marshawn Lynch: 5/1
LeGarrette Blount: 6/1
Rob Gronkowski: 10/1
Darrelle Revis: 20/1
Richard Sherman: 22/1

9. Odds on there being a brawl on the field: 18/1

8. O/U on the amount of money Marshawn Lynch will get fined during media day: $22,500

7. Odds on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach:

clear/water: 3/1
red: 3/1
orange: 3/1
green: 5/1
purple: 8/1
blue: 8/1

6. O/U on the mentions of “deflation-gate” during the broadcast: 2.5

5. Odds the power goes out in the stadium: 44/1

4. O/U on the length of the national anthem: 122.5 seconds

3. Odds on Katy Perry’s hair color:

brunette: 1/2
purple/blue: 5/1
redhead: 10/1
blonde: 12/1

2. Odds on a fan streaking the field: 50/1

1. Odds on Katy Perry wearing a whipped cream bikini: 18/1

Wait, what?

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