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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami police were virtually powerless to stop a virtual ‘flash mob on wheels’ when hundreds of dirt bikes, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles took to the streets on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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The bikers were riding the wrong way on streets, popping wheelies, running red lights and cutting off other drivers. The ride was organized on social media for months.

This massive take over by dirt bikes and ATVs,  breaking the laws on South Florida roads seemingly came out of nowhere, according to authorities.

“It kind of caught us by surprise,” said  Major Delrish Moss.

“It did catch us off guard,” said  Joe Sanchez of Florida Highway Patrol.

Florida Highway Patrol, Miami Police Department, and Miami-Dade Police said they do monitor social media and what’s online but catching everything is impossible.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to locate the site they’re using,”said Detective Alvaro Zabaleta with Miami-Dade Police.

Some compared the ride to the civil rights movement on Instagram claiming “They walked for peace, we ride for peace.” Trending hashtags on social media were #bikelifemiami and #bikesupgunsdown.

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“We don’t mean no harm or cause no pressure we are just out here celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. birthday,” one Miami resident said.

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The message of picking up bikes and putting down guns, according to Miami police, was questionable.

“That kind of chaos just sent a bad, bad message,” said Moss.

Moss said they did not chase the bikers to issue citations for fear the situation would get worse.

“What they wanted is for us to pursue them. They wanted attention,” said Sanchez.

“When you make a decision to chase you have to weigh certain safety factors,” said Moss, “Are you by chasing them going to create a bigger risk? Are you going to create a bigger hazard that’s going to cause more danger.”

The Florida Highway Patrol reported three crashes and three arrests. They said it’s against their department policy to give chase for a traffic violation and they feared that pursuing the law breaking bikers would endanger more lives.

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Miami Police and Miami-Dade Police said they plan to speak with organizers and have a plan in place for next year.