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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Knowing your blood type is more than just extra knowledge—it could actually help predict future health problems.

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A person’s blood type is more than just a letter, they could indicate a potential complex health issue.

For example, people with Type “A” blood may be more likely to get heart disease. Type “B” perhaps has a higher risk of throat cancer.

A new study finds that people with “A-B” blood, the rarest type, may be more likely to develop memory loss.

“They found that, yes, people with AB and higher levels of the clotting factor probably had a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment,” said Doctor Ali Atri.

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Memory disorder specialist Doctor Atri said researchers are just starting to make potential connections between blood type and disease.

“There seems to be a bit of smoke there. I don’t think we’ve found the source of the fire.  But there’s definitely something that elevates our risk with certain types of blood types,” the doctor said.

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Erin Millard is A-B positive and wasn’t exactly surprised by the news.

“My mom and my grandma do tend to forget things and they’re both AB positive.  It could be a possibility.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen for me,” Millard said.

Dr. Atri said if you have AB blood type, you’re not doomed to have memory loss. There are things one can do to lower the risk.

Exercise, sleeping and eating well, are very important. Also, its vital to stay mentally active.

“If you’re stuck in traffic, you know an area, you can take backroads and you may get there slower, you’ll eventually get there. With mental exercises and social activities, you develop a lot of backroads so if one source is blocked because of damage or demenita, you can get there another way, and you can function longer,” said Dr. Atri.

Even though Millard is only 23, she plans on following the doctor’s advice.

“Right now I exercise but I think also doing some of those mental exercises and focusing on your mental health as well as your physical health is something I’ll do down the road,” Millard said.

One day, doctors may use your blood type to make recommendations on how to stay healthy, much like checking your blood pressure or cholesterol.

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If you don’t know your blood type, one good way to find out is to donate blood.

Eliott Rodriguez