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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It used to be the only way people could trim down their unwanted belly fat and cellulite, aside from dieting, was to go through some rather intense procedures which require anesthesia and liposuction.

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Today there are two new procedures making waves in the battle of the bulge in which people can shed inches and firm up their skin tone without an invasive procedure.

TJ Jenkins went to the Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute in Miami to discuss getting rid of her cellulite. In the end she decided to check out a relatively new procedure to melt it away called “The Venus Legacy.”

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“Ideally the results I would like is for tighter looking skin, that tight skin we took for granted in our youth, that we thought would be there forever,” said Jenkins.

The Venus Legacy is touted as the first non-invasive, pain-free, solution to cellulite. It not only shrinks the fat but tightens as well. Dr. Leslie Baumann said this is the first cellulite removal procedure that really works.

“The way it works is your skins made of collagen and collagen is like a rope, it’s a triple helix, when you heat collagen it shrinks and we’ve known that for long time,” said Baumann. “What this machine has done, it’s figured out a way to deliver the heat that doesn’t hurt, the one that was in the past worked but was painful.”

The treatments involve radio frequency and magnetic pulse therapies to the skin.

“It’s kind of warm and felt like a massage,” said Jenkins. “It’s actually relaxing, very relaxing.”

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Four to six 15-minute treatments are recommended for best results. Baumann said if done once a week, patients should see results in a month.

“The good thing is the results are permanent because once that collagen shrinks its gets shorter,” said Baumann.

Debbie Zabludowski prides herself on eating well and staying fit. However, there are something things out of her control.

“You know that middle age spread you get in your 50’s. Exercise and diet don’t seem to work. You try and try and then I heard about this. I thought this was the perfect solution, I wouldn’t want to do a tummy tuck or liposuction, I’m really excited about it,” said Zabludowski.

The procedure that piqued her interest is called Vanquish which has been touted as the most effective way to remove belly fat without surgery.

“What it is, is radio frequency waves being sent down to the area your concerned about. That radio frequency creates a heat to kill some of the fat cells and those fat sells are then eliminated from your body,” said Dr. John Martin.

Martin, who is a plastic surgeon, recommends four to five treatments over a five-week period.

“We’ve seen anything from two to six inches. Some people get great results, some okay results. It works best for people with fat you would normally remove with liposuction, which is surgical procedure,” said Martin. “You have to be able to have that soft fat you can pinch it. If you have that hard belly, that’s a fat that’s deep inside the belly, that’s deep inside the abdomen and that won’t work, you have to have that superficial fat, that soft fat.”

Both The Venus Legacy and Vanquish cost about $400 to $500 per treatment.

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