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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – One victim after another described a terrifying night when a man armed with knives went on a rampage.

“It was a long knife, about easily 15 inch,” said victim Carlos Delgado. “It looked like a machete.”

Another victim, who does not want to be identified, said Allan McDonald had eight knives around his waist and a big one in his hand when he showed up at her place.

“He had them like plugged inside,” she said, motioning like he had knives stuffed under his belt.  “And he had one like this big, I remember it was like from here to here,” she said pointing at the length between her knee and foot.

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It all began late Friday night and early Saturday morning investigators said McDonald broke into the Sunfish Grill.  Police say he grabbed a bunch of knives and moved down a few doors to Ceviche by the Sea.

Chef Carlos Delgado said as he was leaving when McDonald ran in the back door.  Delgado raced back and yelled for his co-workers to get out.  That’s when he said McDonald came after him and a co-worker.

“He came out with the knife in his hand, big long knife,” he said.  “She tried to go to her car, he got close to her and said, ‘give me the keys.'”

Delgado jumped into action.  “I got his attention and I said, ‘what are you going to do with that knife?’ He spaced out on me and he just started looking at me like he was confused.”

They got away. That’s when he said McDonald locked himself in the restaurant and walked out the other side.  He showed up minutes later at the back door of an apartment a couple blocks away as two men talked outside.

“My boyfriend said what ‘is it that you want?’ he said, ‘is the door open?’ So he just went straight, took two knives out, tried to stab my father, my father jumped out.’  She continued, “he came in and locked the door and closed the door and me, my mom and my sisters were locked inside.”

The father broke down the door as three girls and their mom were locked inside.  They said McDonald had nine knives on him, and threatened a 10-year-old girl.  “I push my sister, he almost knifed my arm,” she explained. “Thank God nothing happened, we run so fast, that now we are alive.”

The family ran for their lives, they said McDonald calmly walked across the street to do it again, then once more half a block away.

Dick Huenerberg says he was watching a crime show on television early Saturday morning in his condo when police say McDonald burst in with a machete and blood on his hands.

“He comes in and I’m going is this 3D, like what are the odds of that happening?” Huenerberg said.

Huenerberg can laugh about it now but at the time he was frightened. He said McDonald grabbed a knife from his kitchen and left blood stains on a door he tried to open. The men had a brief conversation.

“I said, ‘What you are doing? Who are you?” he said. “And he said, ‘Nevermind.'”

Hueneberg said he grabbed his phone and called 911, fleeing his home.

“I thought he was on drugs because he didn’t say where’s your money or threaten you,” he said. “He went looney tunes.”

In all, 10 victims, five locations, all in just a matter of minutes.   “I thank God that nothing happened,” said Delgado. “God was the one who guard our lives.”

Investigators believe McDonald may have been under the influence of some type of drug.

He was taken to the hospital to be checked out before being booked into the Broward County Jail.

He was supposed to be in bond court this morning, but it was until tomorrow because of a medical problem.

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