MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist is trying to win his old job back—but this time as a Democrat.

CBS4 Anchor Rick Folbaum sat down with Crist, one-on-one, at Crist’s campaign office in Hollywood.

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Crist, running against Governor Rick Scott, is behind in the polls, behind in fundraising and spending, while Scott is on pace to keep his promise of creating 700,000 new jobs—none of which seemed to faze Crist.

Despite the facts, Crist seems energized.

“People are going to know my priorities. They’re not going to have to guess what I’m going to do. They’ve already seen my record,” Crist said.

While the face is familiar, some of Crist’s positions are not.

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The former self-described Reagan Republican, who was against abortion rights and against same sex marriage, is trying to rebrand himself as a social moderate.

When Folbaum asked Crist if any part of him still identifies with the political right, Crist answered, “Ah, well, I’m a fiscal conservative. I don’t want to waste your money or mine for that matter but I’ve always been pretty much a social moderate.”

Not everyone, however, would agree with the later part of Crist’s answer but Crist doesn’t seem bothered by all that. He’s too busy rallying volunteers and Democrats—especially in South Florida where he will need to win big if he has any chance of getting his old job back.

Crist now is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.

“I don’t feel like government oughta be telling people what to do in their personal lives.”

Crist said he’s not a fan of charter schools.

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“It seems to me that charter schools and some of these other options are becoming more profit centers than learning centers,” said Crist.

Crist slams Scott for spending taxpayer money to lure businesses to Florida.

“What Rick Scott has done is promise $260,000,000 to businesses outside the State of Florida to come here for jobs they promised. They delivered only four-percent of the jobs they promised. That’s 96-percent failed policy.”

While some political analysts thought the Affordable Care Act would be an albatross around the necks of Democrats, Crist embraces Obamacare and says he’d push for the part of it that Scott has not—the expansion of Medicaid.

“A million of our fellow Floridians are not getting the healthcare they need and deserve because Scott hasn’t expanded Medicaid. It would create about 120,000 new jobs if we expanded Medicaid,” Crist said. “Why someone doesn’t put forth the effort to get that done is beyond me.”

The Scott campaign says it’s the Republican Legislature that needs to expand the program, but critics blame Scott for not pushing harder.

Folbaum asked Crist, who lost the lead he once had, what he thought about that and why he thinks polls show that voters aren’t very fond of him nor Scott.

“Rick Scott has spent over $30,000,000 on TV. That may be great for your station, but the kinds of ads he’s running aren’t great for anybody’s reputation,” Crist said. “It’s a trash campaign and it’s sad to see but it doesn’t surprise me because he really doesn’t have a record he can be proud on to run on so he’s trying to win the election by tearing me down. He bought the office four years ago. I don’t think the people of Florida are going to let him buy it again.”

The two candidates will come face-to-face on the campus of Broward College on October 15th.

CBS4 Anchor Eliott Rodriguez will moderate the debate which will air on CBS4.

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