WESTCHESTER (CBSMiami) – A driver said he accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake crashing into an e-cigarette store Monday afternoon.

The man said he was attempting to park at the flower shop next to the e-cigarette store on Bird Road in Westchester to buy his wife flowers.

The driver, Josue Santos, told CBS4’s MaryAnn Martinez that is his fifth wedding anniversary and he just wanted to get her a bouquet.

“When I saw that he ran over the little yellow brick, that’s it, I was like, wow,” said Ramon Alvero, the only employee inside the store at the time.

“My heart went all the way to my neck,” he said.

Alvero said he didn’t even move when he saw the car slamming through the glass because he was in shock.

“This is one of those days that you got to appreciate your life, you know,” added Alvero.

The car pushed back some display cases near the front of the store.

Alvero wasn’t hurt.

Santos said he his embarrassed about the damages he caused and he told Martinez, he never got to buy the flowers.

Watch the report, click here.




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