MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Belly dancing is a popular dance that originated in Europe centuries ago but some woman are using it to lose weight, tone, and morph their bellies into abs.

Coin belts help, not only in giving belly dancers a distinctive look, but the sound is instantly recognizable.

At Belly2Abs, a studio in Coconut Grove, dancers—with the help of the belts—make music while exercising.

“It works out your entire body, mostly yours abs. That’s why the class is called Belly2Abs and it also helps ease your mind,” owner Adrianna Echevarria said.

In belly dancing, it’s all about the hips and waist, but in Adrianna’s class, weights are also incorporated to help tone the arms and legs.

“The whole point for you to come here is to get fit, to feel great about yourself, we have students from the ages of 18 to 82,” Echevarria said.

And who better to show off their mid-section than a pregnant belly dancer shaking and toning along with the other women.

“We have a five month pregnant and we have a baby as part of the class so everyone can come and enjoy it,” said Adrianna. “She is actually one of the instructors and she belly danced until she was 8 months. That’s all she does is belly dance”

Belly dancing as a form of exercising is more popular than ever.

“I think women don’t want to go to a gym. Some women don’t want to go to a gym, they want to dance. They want to be in an environment where it is not competitive, it is empowering,” said Echevarria.

Another reason belly dancing at Echevarria’s studio has gained popularity is because of the cool down—which includes a tasty cup of tea.

“We do a great cool down which people love because you incorporate Pilates and yoga and we even do a little bit of meditation after class,” Echevarria.

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