MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A judge declared a mistrial in the trial of Andrew Rolle, the man accused in the 2008 murder of Miami police officer James Walker.

The judge said there were many reasons, but the major reason was the state not turning over transcripts of trial testimony of a key witness.

Earlier in the day, Jonathan Blanchard testified that he drove Andrew Rolle to a North Miami Beach complex on January 8th, 2008. Prosecutors say Rolle went to the complex to shoot Ricardo Ajuste in a gang grudge. Blanchard told the jury Rolle was wearing a ski mask, gloves and an had and AK-47.

When he heard a barrage of gunfire, Blanchard said he panicked and drove off. Blanchard admitted he got total immunity for his testimony. The defense suggested Blanchard was lying “to save his own butt.”

Last week, jurors heard from Wesner Senobe, who Rolle allegedly shot moments before shooting Walker. Police say Rolle shot Senobe and shot up his car, mistaking him Ajuste. Senobe testified he did not know Rolle and didn’t get a good look at him the night of the shooting. He was too busy running for his life

Prosecutors maintain that after he fired on Senobe, Rolle ran to what he thought was Blanchard’s car. It wasn’t. It was officer Walker’s car and he was parked in it in front of his wife’s home near Northeast 164th Street and 18th Avenue in North Miami Beach.

When Rolle tried to get in the car, Walker drew his gun.

A crime scene investigator testified Walker’s Glock was in his hand, his foot on the brake of his car, the engine running when his body was found. Police say he was able to squeeze off one round before being shot dead.

Rolle allegedly fired dozens of rounds, one hitting Walker in the head.

Defense attorney David Peckens claims there is no physical evidence that linked Rolle to the murder, no DNA, no finger prints.

He added that the witnesses against Rolle were of questionable character and suggested Blanchard was lying “to save his own butt.”



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