HOMESTEAD (CBSMiami) —  A 73-year old woman jumped off a plane Friday in order to raise money for charity and it was also her birthday.

As part of Judy Reinach’s 73rd birthday, she  jumped at the chance to help raise money for a charity called Miami Bridge. By jumping, she meant skydiving.

“I read in the newspaper George Bush skydived when he was 85 and I thought if he can do it when he’s 85 I can do it and I can raise money for Miami bridge,” said Reinach.

The Miami-Dade organization provides shelter and continued education for “at risk” youths among other services.  The organization is in dire need of a 12- person transport van used  to shuttle youth to and from the courthouse, homeschooling and recreational activities.

Before her jump, the Key Biscayne resident was trying to raise $21,000 needed to buy the van but she also had a plan for the jump.

“I’m just thinking when I step out of the plane, don’t look down look straight ahead and then my knees when I land.”

Reinach is not only the founding director of the group, she is also a long-time volunteer and supporter. She has been a mentor for children who have been in the charity.

(Source: CBS4)

(Source: CBS4)

One of the children she mentored, Chyna Williams, who is now a grown mother of three watched Reinach take the jump for a cause. The two developed a close bond with each other when Williams was struggling through various traumas  and now refer to each other as “mother” and “daughter.” William’s youngest child is named after Judy.

“She used to bring me different little gifts and made a great day for us and from then on we just had a connection and everything was just great,” said Williams.

This is not the first time Reinach has gone above and beyond for the group.

She ran the New York City Marathon in 1997 to help raise money for another transport van and she also took park in a jump a few years ago to raise money for new dormitory furniture at the organization’s Miami campus.

On Friday, as Judy came soaring through the sky, a dozen of the kids from the shelter welcomed her back safely on the ground.

Click here for more information on the organization.






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