FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A small victory for same-sex couples in Fort Lauderdale after city commission votes yes to gay marriage Tuesday night.

“It’s time, it’s really time, equality all around and I’m about to go home and hug my husband,” said Tery DeCarlo.

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Sponsored by the city’s first openly-gay commissioner Dean Trantalis, the resolution supports marriage equality and urges Governor Rick Scott to enact a law that would make same sex marriage legal in Florida.

“It’s one more civil rights issue that we put to bed at some level,” said Naomi Parker.

The vote, which passed by a 3-2 vote, is symbolic and doesn’t actually change any laws—but it does, to some extent, send a message.

“Simply lets folks statewide and nationwide know that the leadership of City of Fort Lauderdale does support equality for all people on all levels,” said Chad Thilborger.

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Opponents spoke out saying this vote is irrelevant and the city commission is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.

“Very unfortunate because it means City of Fort Lauderdale in purely symbolic vote something they didn’t have any authority to address nonetheless has acted in clear contradiction to what voters across the state did in 2006,” said John Aman. “So it’s just a sad day.”

“It is a divisive issue it will tear the community apart. You’re mocking the beliefs of the religious community, you’re mocking the bible,” said Jordan Pearl.

Mayor Jack Seiler, who says he supports civil unions with full benefits, voted against the resolution.

Some are calling it a political move, the Mayor says it’s all about staying true to his position.

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“I understand the concerns that were raised but as a mayor of a city that has no authority over the issue we don’t regulate the issue don’t have any ability to impact law on the issue, I thought it was important I stayed consistent,” said Mayor Seiler. “There’s no political calculation here at all.”