South Florida has something no other state has, the amazing Everglades. With easy access to the largest tropical wetland in the country, Floridians have the upper hand when it comes to exploration, sightseeing and family friendly activity. In fact, with gorgeous tropical weather, fascinating wildlife and some of the coolest airboat rides around, Florida tops the list for fun in the sun. If you’re looking to secure the best airboat rides Everglades has to offer, keep these tips in mind.

A Skilled Captain Makes All the Difference

For an unforgettable airboat adventure, it makes sense to know a little beforehand about what you need. While most of the airboats that tour the area look the same, there are major differences when it comes to comfort and convenience that can impact your overall experience. At Everglades Holiday Park, each airboat is accompanied by a highly skilled and knowledgeable captain. Boat captains can make or break your experience, not only because they handle the boat, but also because a skilled captain is intimately familiar with the area and can ensure you see what you’ve come to see. Sure, no one can control the animals, but if you’re not looking in the right place, chances are you’ll miss the best sights.

Comfort is Key

Modern airboats glide across a river of grass at speeds reaching upwards of 50 miles per hour. That’s certainly a thrill, but if you’re not comfortable, it can be a less than memorable experience. With airboat rides in the Everglades, comfort truly is key. Everglades Holiday Park offers the only covered airboats in the area. Why does it matter? Well for one thing, the South Florida sun can be hot, particularly for the little ones who are susceptible to sunburn- and then there are the notorious Florida rain showers. Luckily, they’re brief and non threatening, but a covered boat sure does come in handy when you’re trying to protect your expensive camera. Of course, you can always request an uncovered tour if you’re interested.

An Hour Long Adventure

Another important factor to consider as you’re securing your airboat ride in the Everglades is tour length. While any time spent on the water is enjoyable, to really experience the wonders and mystery of such an amazing ecosystem, you need a full hour. Everglades Holiday Park offers 60-minute tours jam-packed with information, sightseeing and wildlife encounters. The hour-long adventure by airboat is extended when the tour ends and the live gator show begins. Hosted by Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys”, this is one adrenalin-charged show you don’t want to miss!

The best airboat rides through the Everglades are unique, exhilarating and fascinating. With a skilled captain, a comfortable ride and more, there’s no better way to encounter wildlife, glide at top speeds across a river of grass and soak up some well-deserved Florida sunshine.

Above content provided by Everglades Holiday Park.


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