MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The hidden cash craze continued in South Florida Saturday afternoon.  Clues on Twitter led clever cash seekers to Tropical Park.

“The only place I know in Miami that has good water in the park and great for kids is this place,” said a man named Lamar.

The clue from HiddenCashSFL led two people to the police memorial.

Watch Maggie Newland’s report, click here.

“The clue say pay tribute to the police officers, do not pass the gate,” said Lamar who spent more than two hours at Tropical Park along with Pilar Restrepo waiting for clues on the hidden cash.

After looking high and low they almost left empty handed because at first, they could not locate the cash.

Then their mad dash and all of the searching paid off.

“Yeah, wooh,” screamed Restrepo. “It was fun we had a great time.”

The next clue popped up on Twitter.

That one led to the dog park  and more smiling cash-finders.

“It was like a team effort all our friends and our family are here,” said Leana Wade who found an envelope containing $50.

The race for cash turned toward the boxing gym too where another $50 brought more hugs and happiness.

The final envelope of cash was found under a log.

No one knows exactly who is behind HiddenCashSFL, but everyone involved in Saturday’s search was thankful for the fun and excited about the money.

“Saving up for my vacation,” said Misty Godoy about her plans for the cash.

“We’re gonna go do some needy work for somebody, somebody that needs some money,” said Restrepo.

“Just thank you, thank God for the person that’s doing this,” said Misty’s father, Alex Godoy. “It’s a beautiful thing.”

The anonymous benefactors behind HiddenCashSFL ask only that the recipients find a way to pay it forward.

To see the clues that could lead you to free money, visit





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