MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The teenager that was the last to speak with Trayvon Martin graduated  from high school Friday.

Rachel Jeantel is the teenager who testified in George Zimmerman’s murder trial. She was on the phone with 17-year old Martin shortly before he was shot and killed by Zimmerman roughly two years ago.

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Jeantel was the prosecutions star witness, but one who ended up being dismissed by many as combative  and uneducated.

Jeantel walked across the stage with her cap and gown to get her high school diploma at William Turner Technical School.

CBS4’s Summer Knowles asked Jeantel what it mean for her to get her high school diploma.

Jeantel said,” Knowing that you are going to college.”

“What do you hope it says to the world,” asked Knowles .

“I made it. I made it….Trayvon Yeah, I did it baby,” said Jeantel.

Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton was also at the graduation

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“It was important for me to be here, just to let her see my support and tell her we are still standing with her. We will continue to stand with her and we love her,” said Fulton.

Fulton sat proudly in the front row as Jeantel walked across that stage to get her diploma.

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Tom Joyner, helped Jeantel achieve that proud moment shortly after the trial.

He  pledged to provide tutors to help  her graduate high school and prep for the SAT. He also promised to pay for four years tuition to any historically black college or university of her choice that she’s accepted to.

“Tom Joyner has kept his word,” said Jeantel.

Jeantel’s attorney, Rod Vereen, who has become an uncle like figure in her life says she’s come a long way.

“She was stressed out and depressed. We actually had her evaluated and she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and her having to participate as a material witness did not help her situation, it actually made it worse, but she overcame it,” said Vereen.

“If i can make it through all of my mess that I’ve been through, you surely can make it,” said Jeantel.

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While she is not going to college yet, she says she will go. The Joyner Foundation will also continue paying for three tutors to ensure she is college ready and college bound.