MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The night Justin Bieber was arrested for alleged DUI on South Beach in January, his body guard also allegedly injured a photographer at a Subway restaurant.

TMZ reports Manuel Munoz filed a lawsuit because he claims he was taking pics of Justin as the singer was leaving SET Nightclub a bodyguard chased him into a nearby Subway, locked the restaurant door and cornered him in the bathroom, demanding that he delete the photos.

Munoz claims the bodyguard attempted to remove the memory card, then kicked and punched him.

In the process, he claimed his camera was damaged.

However, a police report does not state he was punched or kicked.  It says the bodyguard tripped him, causing him to sustain a “small scratch in his left knee.”

The police report also states they haggled in the restroom with Munoz telling the bodyguard he’d give Bieber the pics for $10,000, but the bodyguard drew the line at $5,000.

Read more and hear the 911 call by clicking here.


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