MEDLEY (CBSMiami) — Surveillance cameras captured three thieves pulling off a hefty heist in a warehouse.

A sour note struck in the aptly-named town of Medley. Thieves with a taste for the fine arts, specifically, very expensive Bose “Surround Sound” speakers, made off with $10,000 worth of them when they hit a distribution company last Saturday morning.

The crooks broke into the business, in a warehouse district on Northwest 122nd Street, just before dawn. Security video shows they removed the window adjacent to the front door, reached in, turned the doorknob and walked in.

Three crooks, wearing ski masks, gloves and long-sleeves, carted off more than ten cases of speakers.

Their vehicle: A tiny Nissan Versa mini-SUV, to getaway cars as a flute is to a tuba – so tiny that the bandits reprised their performance, returning to the business a couple of hours later, entering through the already jimmied front door. They danced away with another load of luxury loot.

The bandits orchestrated the heist very carefully, making sure no one would waltz in on them. In their opening act, the first break-in, they cut the cables to the alarm system.

Medley police are hoping someone will call in a tip, sing like a canary.

If you can help, you’re asked to call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS. You can remain anonymous and collect a reward, maybe buy yourself a new set of speakers.



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