Sports are steeped in tradition from baseball’s seventh inning stretch to the Green Bay Packer’s Lambeau Leap.  These playful expectations are part of what we love about our teams.

Who doesn’t get a tear in their eye at the thought of Notre Dame football players hitting the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign on their way out onto the field?  But some sports traditions have gone rogue and are way over played. Here are some that have gotten so out of control – they’re downright annoying.

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1. The Post-Game Riot

Must we explain this one? Whether your team wins or loses don’t set anything on fire and don’t throw your furniture out the window. Is that rule really so difficult to understand and abide by?

2. The Kiss Cam

Unfortunately, if you want to attend a professional sporting event these days you are putting yourself at grave risk of being bombed by the dreaded Jumbotron “Kiss Cam.” We think we speak for sports lovers everywhere when we say enough is enough. And those of you who aren’t bothered by the Kiss Cam – probably have no idea what’s really going on at the game anyway.

3. Fans Rushing The Court

Who doesn’t want to celebrate a good underdog victory? Rushing the court under certain circumstances is a respectable tradition. But seriously, unless your team is the equivalent of Hickory High in Hoosiers, you just don’t do it. I don’t care how big you think the win is.

4. The Playoff Beard


 (Photo Credit: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

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The most irritating tradition has to be the playoff beard. It originated in the NHL with the Islanders in the ’80’s and frankly, it should have stayed there.  Hockey players are men who are toothless, beat each other up and wear helmets.  It works. On baseball players — not so much. The Red Sox now even tug at each other’s after a big play. Ugh.  Enough already.

5. Throwing Crap On The Ice

If your player scores three goals in a game and you want to toss your cap onto the ice – it’s a fitting tribute. Red Wings fans have been throwing Octopi on the ice since the 1950’s. It’s disgusting, but we get it. Now, the ice tossing tradition has gone rogue – from rubber rats in Florida, catfish in Phoenix and even dildos (yes the sex toy) in Stockholm, Sweden. Stop it. Clearly, you’ve never donned a pair of skates yourself. It’s dangerous out there.

6. The Gatorade Bath

(Photo Credit: Brian Bahr/ALLSPORT)

(Photo Credit: Brian Bahr/ALLSPORT)

Dear winning teams, FYI you did not catch your coach by surprise when you showered him with icy orange Gatorade after that big win. I challenge all of you competitive cats to start a new post-game tradition. Although, at this point, it just may be in your team’s contract with the sports drink company and Vegas would miss out on a ‘prop bet.’

7. The Celebrity First Pitch

Hasn’t this gotten out of control already? It never ends well, not even for athletes in other sports. What’s the point? What does it do for fans? For the team? Seriously, unless you’re wearing a uniform or you’re the President of the United States stay off the mound.

8. The Marriage Proposal

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We have no idea who the first guy to propose at a sporting event was, but we’re annoyed at him. We are furious, however, at the first woman who actually accepted a man’s sporting event proposal. It’s corny. And Tacky. And completely unoriginal. And finally, ladies that type of public proposal is never about you. Let’s just let it go back to the ring in the champagne bit already.